Jambalaya Likely Cause of Salmonella Outbreak in Louisiana

Jambalaya sold at a community fundraiser is the suspected cause of a salmonella outbreak in Louisiana that has sickened dozens of people and may have caused one death, officials say.

The jambalaya was sold at an event in Caldwell Parish in northern Louisiana on October 16, the Louisiana Department of Health said in a statement, CNN reported.

As of Oct. 19, there had been 49 confirmed cases of illness among people ages 15-70.

"Health officials believe that at least 300 people were served the suspect jambalaya and are anticipating there will be more reports of illness in the next several days," the health department said. "One death has occurred and an autopsy is occurring to determine if the death was caused by this illness or other causes."

The department said any food bought from the fundraiser, including side dishes that could have come into contact with the jambalaya, should be thrown away, CNN reported.

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