Officials to Investigate Mercury Brought Ashore by Hurricane Harvey

Liquid mercury that may have been washed or blown ashore east of Houston by Hurricane Harvey is being investigated by public health officials.

On Tuesday, Bobby Griffin found shiny silver mercury globules all over his San Jacinto riverfront property. It's located a few hundred yards from the San Jacinto Waste Pits, a Superfund site that was swamped during the hurricane, The New York Times reported.

Superfund sites are highly contaminated locations designated by the federal government for clean up.

Officials will be sent to Griffin's property as soon as possible, Lisa Montemayor, an environmental investigator for Houston's health department, told The Times.

It's not clear where the mercury came from, or how widespread the contamination was, she noted.

Liquid mercury is extremely dangerous to the brain and the nervous system. It is not well-absorbed through the skin, but its vapors can enter the lungs, The Times reported.

Harvey's impact on industrial areas has led to concerns about pollution and runoff, especially at Superfund sites.

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