British Baby With Genetic Disease Dies After Long Legal Battle Over His Care

Charlie Gard, a British baby who suffered from a rare genetic disease that damaged his brain and left him unable to breathe without a ventilator, died Friday.

He would have turned 1 next week, the Associated Press reported.

The infant had been at the center of a months-long legal battle between his parents and the hospital that was caring for him.

His parents had raised close to $2 million to take him to the United States for an experimental treatment, but his doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital objected.The hospital's reasoning was that the treatment wouldn't help him and it could have caused him suffering.

The case made it all the way to Britain's Supreme Court, as Charlie's parents refused to accept a series of rulings that backed the hospital's position. But the Supreme Court agreed with the lower courts, saying it was in Charlie's best interests that he be allowed to die, the AP reported.

After both parties could not agree on an end-of-life plan for the baby, a judge ruled Thursday that Charlie could be moved to a hospice and taken off life support so he could die peacefully.

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