Asthma Trigger Checklist

Asthma Attack Treatment

Asthma Trigger Checklist

Asthma triggers fall into two categories:

  • Allergens ("specific")
  • Non-allergens - mostly irritants (non-"specific")

Once your bronchial tubes (nose and eyes) become inflamed from an allergic exposure, a re-exposure to the offending allergens will often activate symptoms. These "reactive" bronchial tubes might also respond to other triggers, such as exercise, infections, and other irritants. The following is a simple checklist.

Common Asthma Triggers:

1. Allergens

Allergy Fact
About 80% of children and 50% of adults with asthma also have allergies.

2. Non Allergens - Irritants

For much more about this condition, please visit the Asthma Center.

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Asthma Symptoms, Causes, and Medications

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Reviewed on 8/9/2006

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