No Emergency Medical Help for Third Overdose: Ohio Councilman

An Ohio city councilman is raising eyebrows with a controversial stance on the state's opioid addiction crisis, saying that emergency medical responders should not be sent to help addicts who overdose on opioids for a third time.

According to CNN, Middletown City Council member Dan Picard says that paramedics should respond to two overdoses per addict. Each time, the addict would receive a summons and have to do community service after treatment.

However, if the addict does not show in court or fails to complete the community service, no medical help will be dispatched in the event of a third overdose, Picard said.

The legality of the proposal is being examined by the city manager, according to Picard, who said he's concerned that Middletown can't afford to keep treating overdoses, CNN reported.

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