No Decision on Climate Change Deal Until After G7 Summit: White House

A decision on whether the United States will pull out of a landmark climate change agreement won't be made until after the G7 summit in Italy later this month, the Trump administration says.

Trump is seeking input on both economic and environmental aspects as he considers what to do, according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer, the Associated Press reported.

A meeting for top advisers to discuss the international climate deal was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon but was postponed.

During the election campaign, Trump said he would renegotiate the Paris Climate Accord, but has wavered on the issue since becoming president.

Before the scheduled meeting Tuesday, a number of major businesses, including Apple, Google and Walmart expressed support for the climate change deal, the Post reported.

An opinion piece called "The Business Case for the Paris Climate Accord" was published Tuesday in The New York Times. It was written by Ted Halstead, president of the Climate Leadership Council, and George Shultz, who served as secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan.

"American business leaders understand that remaining in the agreement would spur new investment, strengthen American competitiveness, create jobs, ensure American access to global markets and help reduce future business risks associated with the changing climate," they wrote.

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