Progress Being Made Against Neglected Tropical Diseases: WHO

Goals to control, eliminate or eradicate neglected tropical diseases such as sleeping sickness and Chagas by 2020 will be met, says a World Health Organization report released Wednesday.

In 2015, one billion people were treated for neglected tropical diseases, which blind, disfigure, debilitate and maim hundreds of millions of people worldwide, according to WHO, CNN reported.

"By 2030, (neglected tropical) diseases could be part of history," said Dr. Dirk Engels, director of the WHO Neglected Tropical Diseases department. "In general, I can say there is a lot of progress that is being made."

These diseases are most common among poor people in remote, rural areas, urban slums and conflict zones with unsafe water, inadequate hygiene and sanitation, and poor housing conditions, CNN reported.

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