3-D Printed Blood Vessels Implanted in Monkeys

Chinese scientists say they've implanted 3-D printed blood vessels in rhesus monkeys.

Along with potentially benefiting the nearly 1.8 million people worldwide with heart disease, this may be a major step toward mass printing human organs for transplant, according to CNN.

The research was conducted by scientists at a company called Sichuan Revotek, which plans to apply for regulatory approval to test the process on humans.

"This is an important breakthrough in the field," Alex Lee, an assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told CNN.

He and his team have been using 3-D printing to prototype heart models to personalize cardiac surgeries for patients.

But Lee added that it will take years to observe the long-term effect of these printed blood vessels and warned that they "may become blocked again years later," CNN reported.

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