Five NYC Babies Born With Zika-Linked Brain Problems

Five babies in New York City have been born with Zika-linked brain developmental symptoms, the city's health department said Wednesday.

In addition to those five babies, eight other infants have tested positive for Zika but have not shown evidence of problems, The New York Times reported.

The health department also said that of about 8,000 city residents who have been checked for Zika, 962 have tested positive for the virus, including 325 pregnant women.

All of the cases were associated with travel, including six that involved sexual transmission of the virus by a partner who had visited regions hardest hit by Zika, The Times reported.

"Today's news is a reminder that Zika continues to be a threat to pregnant women and their babies," city health commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said.

"We are closely following all babies born to mothers who test positive for Zika infection and will connect parents to available services to improve their child's quality of life," she added, The Times reported.

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