Health Tip: Find a Fun Alarm Clock

(HealthDay News) -- If you have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning, a fun alarm clock that eases the transition into your day may help.

Try these suggestions from the National Sleep Foundation:

  • Look for an alarm clock that's functional, not just pretty. Make sure the buttons are easy to find when you're groggy first thing in the morning.
  • Skip alarm clocks that emit bright blue light that can interfere with sleep. Opt for one that uses softer amber, orange or red to help you sleep more soundly.
  • Choose an alarm clock that wakes you with a sound that you enjoy, whether that's the news, your favorite music or nature sounds. Consider one that gradually increases the volume to gently rouse you.
  • Look for fun features that make sure you won't oversleep. Some alarm clocks have a light that turns on slowly at the time you should wake. Others vibrate the bed to help wake you.

-- Diana Kohnle

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