Health Tip: Cutting Down on Kids' Screen Time

(HealthDay News) -- Too much screen time can keep kids from much-needed exercise.

For parents who want to get their kids off the couch and into better fitness, the Mayor Clinic offers these suggestions:

  • Keep all TVs and computers in shared areas such as the living room, never in a child's bedroom.
  • Avoid serving meals and snacks in front of the TV.
  • Set restrictions on how much TV your child is allowed to watch during the week.
  • Never use TV time as a punishment or reward.
  • Don't watch too much TV yourself, so you set a good example. Make sure your child's caregivers are on board with limiting screen time, too.
  • Set a few days each week as screen-free for the entire family.
  • Offer alternatives to TV or video games, such as getting involved in a sport or helping out in the kitchen.

-- Diana Kohnle

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