Women...The Facts Of Life

Last Editorial Review: 12/19/2002

Women are living longer, but are they living better?  It is even more important to take care of your health now, so that you can lead a healthier life tomorrow!

  • Today, One in eight people are over 65 years of age.  By the year 2030, that number will approach one in four.  The fastest growing segment is the 85+ age group, in which women constitute the majority.
  • A woman's life expectancy is now seven years longer than a man's.
  • A woman born today can expect to live for at least eight decades- a 30-year increase since 1900.
  • One in four women over age 65 has some form of heart disease.  After the age 50 years, women begin to develop and die from heart disease at a rate equal to that of men.
  • Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths among older women, followed by breast cancer.
For more information, please visit the Women's Health Center.

Portions of the above information has been provided with the kind permission of The National Women's Health Information Center.

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