Health Tip: Care for Your Cast

(HealthDay News) -- If you must wear a cast or splint to protect an injury, it's important to care for it properly while you heal.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these suggestions:

  • Keep the cast/splint dry by wrapping it in two layers of plastic when you shower.
  • Stay off your feet and avoid walking in a cast until it has completely dried and hardened. Fiberglass casts take one hour or so to dry, and plaster casts about two or three days.
  • Protect your cast/splint from powder, dirt and sand.
  • Never pull the padding from your splint/cast, and never insert any object between your splint/cast and skin. Don't put deodorant or powder inside the splint/cast to manage itching.
  • Never break off or trim edges of a cast.
  • Regularly and carefully inspect your cast/splint and the skin around it. Let your doctor know of any problems.

-- Diana Kohnle

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