National School Breakfast Week - March 3 - 7

Last Editorial Review: 3/6/2001

In observance of National School Breakfast Week, below is some informative information.

  • How many kids eat breakfast at school? About 7 million children each day eat school breakfast. (About 27 million children eat school lunch).
  • How large is the School Breakfast Program? About 72,000 schools nationwide offer breakfast at school. (Over 97,000 schools offer school lunch).
  • Compared to school lunch, how many children eat school breakfast? Compared to eating school lunch every day, only about 30% children eat school breakfast.
  • Not every child who eats lunch has an opportunity to eat breakfast at school.
  • The great majority of children who currently participate in the breakfast program (85 percent, as opposed to 57 percent in the lunch program) receive their meals free or at a reduced price. As a result, school breakfast has come to be thought of in many places as a program for low-income children. However, research shows that it is important for all children to eat breakfast, and the School Breakfast Program works to ensure that all children, regardless of their economic status, have access to a nutritious breakfast.
  • The School Breakfast Program started out as a two-year pilot program under the Child Nutrition Act of l966 and was made permanent in October l975.
  • The School Breakfast Program is available to the same schools and institutions as the National School Lunch Program.

  • In 2001, school breakfast was served in 74,852 schools and institutions, providing a total of 1,331,069,447 breakfasts.
For more information, please visit The United States Department of Agriculture School Breakfast Program website.

(Source: USDA/Food and Nutrition website at:

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