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I was in an automobile accident about 3 years ago.  I was stopped at a red light and was hit from behind by a drunk driver at a high rate of speed.  In addition to other injuries, my knees hit the dashboard with force.  I have suffered from alot of pain.  The surgeon said that I have arthritis, a Baker's cyst and torn cartilage.  I never suffered from arthritis before.  Could the impact of this crash have started the arthritis and the Baker's cyst?  I had arthroscopic surgery done.  The arthritis was medium to severe.  I would appreciate hearing from you.
Signed, DT

Doctor's Response:

It is not possible for me to communicate on the particulars of your situation.  Impact injuries to the joints can cause cartilage damage.  Cartilage damage can cause arthritis and lead to a Baker's cyst over time.

For more information , visit the Osteoarthritis and Baker's Cyst Centers.

Thank you for your question.

Last Editorial Review: 7/31/2002

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