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San Francisco (Dec. 28) - Tipper Gore, the wife of Vice President Al Gore, had surgery today to remove a nodule that was discovered recently in her thyroid gland. The purpose of the surgery was to determine if it is cancerous.

To learn more about the important problem of thyroid nodules, please visit's Thyroid Nodules Management Update. This update is a comprehensive interview with Dr. Mim Mulford who is specialized in endocrinology with particular emphasis on the management of thyroid nodules and hormone replacement therapy.

Tipper Gore's Thyroid Nodule Not Cancerous

San Francisco (Dec. 31) - The nodule removed from the thyroid gland of Tipper Gore was reportedly benign, not malignant.

The growth was in the right lobe of Mrs. Gore's thyroid. After an inconclusive biopsy, she had a right thyroid lobectomy in which the right side of her thyroid gland was removed. She will probably not need treatment with thyroid hormone since the left lobe of her thyroid is intact. However, if in the future she does develop a deficiency of thyroid hormone, that should be easily be easily remedied by oral thyroid replacement, usually with a pill a day.

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Reviewed on 12/31/1999

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