Health Tip: Prevent a Fungal Nail Infection

(HealthDay News) -- A fungal infection of the fingernails or toenails can make them hard, brittle and discolored.

To avoid a fungal infection, the American Academy of Family Physicians offers these nail-care suggestions:

  • Keep nails trimmed, with thick areas filed down.
  • If you have an infection, use different files or cutters on the infected ones to avoid spreading the problem.
  • If you have to submerge your hands in water, wear waterproof gloves to keep hands dry.
  • Make sure socks are made of 100 percent cotton. Put on a clean pair every day, and change them when socks become damp and sweaty.
  • Sprinkle socks with an anti-fungal foot powder, and make sure your toes have plenty of wiggle room inside your shoes.
  • Don't walk barefoot in public places, especially in locker rooms.

-- Diana Kohnle

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