Health Tip: Protect Yourself From Burns

(HealthDay News) -- Most homes are equipped with many products and appliances that can cause burns.

The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these suggestions to help reduce your risk:

  • Always wear protective clothing, including gloves, when handling chemicals. When you're not using them, make sure they're stored safely out of a child's reach.
  • Cover all electrical outlets that are within a child's reach, and get rid of damaged or frayed electrical cords.
  • Make sure children stay away from space heaters, lighters and matches.
  • Don't leave lit candles unattended.
  • Keep children away from the stove or oven while you're cooking.
  • Never microwave baby bottles. They can heat unevenly and scald an infant's mouth.
  • Keep devices such as curling irons and clothes irons unplugged, and make sure children can't ever reach them.

-- Diana Kohnle

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