Sietske N. Heyn, PhD


Sietske N. Heyn is a medical writer with a PhD in neuroscience. Dr. Heyn's education includes a BS with honors from the University of Oregon, and a doctoral degree in neuroscience from the University of California at Davis. After completing postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Francisco, and many years of working as a medical writer at the Stanford University Center for Down Syndrome Research, Dr. Heyn now runs her own medical writing business.

During her years as a bench scientist, Dr. Heyn focused her research on health issues with the potential to directly benefit patients. Areas of special interest include Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome, and other disorders involving the nervous system. Dr. Heyn's writing and editing experience includes scientific papers, grants, web-content, white papers, executive summaries, medical letters, news releases, abstracts, posters, and more. She has also translated medical documents from German, Dutch, and French into English. As an active member of the American Medical Writers Association, Dr. Heyn keeps up with the latest trends in medical writing.

Educating the public about science, medicine, and health care is a major objective for Dr. Heyn. She has a strong interest in using her writing skills to clearly communicate complex scientific, medical, and health information to a general audience.