Behavior & Training for Dogs

Everyone wants a well-behaved dog. Get tips for starting off on the right foot, training an older or rescue dog, and correcting problem behaviors.

Training Your Dog

Training Your Dog: Why You Should Do It
Why it pays to train, which techniques work, and which don't.

Clicker Training: Getting Started
How this popular training technique works.

How to Get Your Dog to Walk on a Leash
Taking a walk shouldn't be a battle. How to master leash etiquette.

Teaching Your Dog to Ask to Go Out
Potty time tips for dog and owner.

Dog Park Behavior and Etiquette
How to keep your pooch on his best behavior when heading to the dog park.

Adopting an Older Dog? Housetraining Tips
Sometimes older dogs have to be retrained. These tips can help.

Behavior Problems

How to Keep Your Dog From Begging for Food
Tactics to nip this problem behavior in the bud.

Why Dogs Bark – and Bark too Much
What to do about excessive barking.

How to Halt Destructive Chewing
Reasons why dogs chew, and how to keep destructive chewing to a minimum.

How to Teach Your Dog Not to Jump
Tips for keeping all four paws on the ground.

How to Teach Your Dog Not to Dig
Why dogs dig, which breeds are more likely to dig, and how to keep it under control.

Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cars
Tips for preventing this dangerous behavior.

Stop Your Dog From Howling
Dog waking up the neighborhood? What triggers howling, and tactics to stop it.

Dominance, Fear, and Territorial Aggression
Aggression is a serious behavioral problem. Get help from the experts.

Humping and Mounting: Why Dogs Do It
It's a normal dog behavior, but it sure can be annoying. What to do about it.

Medical Causes for Your Dog's House Soiling
House soiling is not always a behavioral problem. Here's why it's important to see a vet.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Pacing, excessive licking, tail-chasing: How to tell when a behavior becomes a problem.