Ro and La Vs. SS-A and SS-B Antibodies: What Are the Differences?

Last Editorial Review: 1/11/2018

Ask the experts

I just had blood test for Sjogren syndrome. On the prescription, the doctor wrote "Ro La." The woman taking blood wrote on the script SS-A and SS-B. Could you please give me more information on this?

Doctor's response

Ro antibody is also referred to as SS-A or anti-Ro antibody. La antibody is also referred to as SS-B antibody. Your doctor and the lab technician are using different terms that mean the same thing.

Both antibodies are commonly found in the blood of persons with Sjogren's syndrome. They can also sometimes be found in persons with systemic lupus erythematosus, neonatal lupus, mixed connective tissue disease and other illnesses.


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