Tips For Managing Glucose Levels

Coffee beans on a blood sugar level chart.
Sugar free gumballs.
A fried Chinese wonton.
A box of tissues and cold medicine.
Paperwork flying over a stressed worker.
A bagel with cream cheese.
A man drinking a sports drink.
Dried cranberries.
A red pill in a pile of white pills.
A thermometer and red cold medicine tablets.
Birth control pills.
A woman mowing a lawn.
A spoonful of yogurt.
A person choosing a vegan diet.
Cinnamon sticks.
A woman checking her blood sugar level before bedtime.
A woman exercising in a gym.
Cosmopolitan cocktails on a bar.
Sun rays through a cloudy sky.
A woman in front of an electric fan.
Cupcakes with candy sprinkles.
Whole grain and white slices of bread showing the glycemic index.

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Reviewed by Avrom Simon, MD on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blood Sugar Swings: Tips for Managing Diabetes & Glucose Levels

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