Penile Itching: Symptoms & Signs

Medically Reviewed on 9/10/2019

Itching in the area of the penis or external genital organs occurs for many of the same reasons that itching occurs elsewhere on the body. Infections, including those that cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a primary cause of penile itching. Jock itch, the term used to refer to an inflammation and irritation of the groin area, may spread to the penis and result in itching of the skin of the penis. Further causes include fungal infections, scabies, pubic lice, tight undergarments, allergic reaction, skin friction, bacterial infection, and other conditions. Sometimes, systemic diseases such as chickenpox can spread to the genital areas, resulting in itching. Depending on the cause, penile itching may be associated with other symptoms such as

  • burning and
  • discomfort.

Related Symptoms & Signs

Other causes of penile itching

  • Bacterial Infection
  • Candida Infection
  • Excess Moisture
  • Skin Friction
  • Tight or Abrasive Undergarments

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