Mitral Valve Prolapse: Symptoms & Signs

Medically Reviewed on 7/29/2020

Mitral valve prolapse is a condition in which the leaflets of the mitral valve of the heart do not close normally. Instead, they protrude upward into the left atrium, the upper left chamber of the heart. Mitral valve prolapse is the most common abnormality of the heart valves.

Most people with mitral valve prolapse do not have symptoms or signs. When symptoms do occur, these can include

The extent of severity of symptoms is not related to the severity of the heart abnormality. Mitral valve prolapse is also known as Barlow syndrome.

Cause of mitral valve prolapse

An abnormal composition of the valve leaflets that is found in about 2% of the population causes a mitral valve prolapse.

Other mitral valve prolapse symptoms and signs


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