Misophonia: Symptoms & Signs

Medically Reviewed on 9/10/2019

Misophonia is a disorder characterized by having severely negative reactions to certain sounds. The sounds that trigger the symptoms in misophonia have a specific pattern or meaning for the affected person.

Signs and symptoms of misophonia include the negative physical reactions to the particular noise. These can include anger, anxiety, aggression, panic, irritation, or depression. The individual may fear trigger sounds. It is different from hyperacusis, which involves a decreased tolerance for sounds with certain physical characteristics. Phonophobia is also a different condition and refers to a fear of specific sounds.

Cause of misophonia

Medical professionals do not understand the cause of misophonia. It may be due to problems with brain function and/or an emotional association with an irritating noise that leads to a physical reaction.

Other misophonia symptoms and signs

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