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Migraine is usually periodic attacks of headaches on one or both sides of the head. Migraines may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity light or sound, dizziness, blurred vision, cognitive disturbances, and other symptoms. Treatments include therapies and medication.

Surprising Headache and Migraine Triggers

What triggers headaches and migraines? Watch this slideshow to learn some surprising causes of headaches and migraines plus how to find relief.

Headaches Quiz

Ease the pain with our Headaches Quiz. Test your IQ of common symptoms like throbbing, light sensitivity, and aura. Find out what causes your pain and learn about treatments and remedies to ease the discomfort in your head.

Tension Headache

Learn about tension headache symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, sensitivity to light or noise, and more. Causes and treatments are included in the information.

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Migraine Headaches

Watch this slideshow to learn the symptoms, triggers, and treatments for severe migraine headaches that affect the visual problems (aura) and brain structures.

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Types of Headaches

Learn about the different types of headaches, migraine, tension, cluster, menstrual, and spinal headaches; and their causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

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A - Z List of Migraine Topics

Alphabetized listing of articles related to Migraine and Headaches