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Stress occurs when forces from the outside world impinge on the individual. Stress is a normal part of life. However, over-stress, can be harmful. There is speculation, as well as some evidence, that points to the abnormal stress responses as being involved in causing various diseases or conditions.

Happiness Quiz: Test Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ)

Take the Happiness Quiz! Plenty of people live in pleasant, fulfilling satisfaction. Is it sex or money that factors into happier lives and long-term bliss? Take the quiz and find out for yourself!

ADHD in Adults Pictures Slideshow

Most people think of children when they hear the term attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But 30%-70% of kids with ADHD continue having symptoms when they grow up. Watch this slideshow to get an overview of ADHD in adults.


Read about anxiety (generalized anxiety disorder, GAD) causes, signs, medications, and treatment. Learn about symptoms (worry, fear) and other types of anxiety disorders.

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Concentration Killers

Watch this slideshow to learn the truth about multitasking, email overload, nagging thoughts, hunger, and other brain drains of modern life. Find quick solutions to help concentration.

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Test Your PTSD IQ

What is posttraumatic stress disorder? Who gets PTSD? What are the causes, symptoms and treatments? Test your knowledge.

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A - Z List of Mental Health Topics

Alphabetized listing of articles related to Mental Health