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Low Testosterone (Low T)

Low testosterone (Low-T) can affect both men and women. Causes of low testosterone in males include undescended testicles and injury to the scrotum. Low testosterone in females includes ovary conditions. Treatment for low testosterone in men includes testosterone replacement therapy.

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Watch this slideshow on erectile dysfunction (impotence) which covers symptoms, causes, medicines and treatments as well as alternative approaches for this common problem.

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Embarrassing body problems for men can consist of belly fat, back hair, sweating, erectile dysfunction, gas, body odor, and bad breath. Watch this slideshow on these and other issues of body problems that plague men.


Read about prostatitis, a painful infection of the prostate gland. Symptoms include fever, chills, painful urination, lower back pain, pain in the genital area, and frequent urination.

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From gym to boardroom to bedroom, watch this slideshow on foods that boost male health including oysters, cherries, and ginger keeping men on top of their game.

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Men's Screening Tests

Watch this slideshow on men's health to learn about essential health screening tests a doctor may recommend based on age and personal risk factors.

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