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Lumbar lordosis or "swayback, lower back curvature), in children, adults, and women who are pregnant is an abnormal posture with a low back curve. Symptoms of lumbar lordosis in include lower back pain and discomfort, difficulty in moving certain directions due to back pain, and a large gap or arch between the lower back and a flat surface when you lay down.

Common causes of lumbar lordosis in children, adults, and during pregnancy include obesity, kyphosis, bad posture, genetics, and other disorders of the spine. Treatment for lumbar lordosis include exercise, weight loss, surgery, and pain medication. Lumbar lordosis can be reversed and cured; however, it depends on how severe the symptoms are. Lumbar lordosis treatments may help reduce pain and other symptoms or Mild lordosis in children may be cured without treatment, while severe lumbar lordosis needs surgery to fix. Lumbar lordosis can be reversed "cured" or go back to normal or near normal. Read more: Lumbar Lordosis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Cure Article


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