Low Back Pain Relief That Works

Skeletal system highlighting the lumbar spine.
A woman with lower back pain.
Blue emergency lights.
Illustration of the sciatic nerve.
Carpenters lift wooden beams.
A woman carries a heavy tote bag.
A golfer hits the ball from the bunker.
An office worker has lower back pain.
Illustration of a herniated disc.
CT scan of spinal stenosis.
A server pours a cup of coffee.
MRI of the vertebral column.
A woman uses a heating pad on her back.
Feet of a person lying in bed.
Downward facing dog yoga pose.
A chiropractor performs an adjustment.
A therapist gives a back massage.
Acupuncture needles in the lower back.
A person takes a pain reliever.
X-ray of hydrocortisone injection in the spine.
Postoperative X-ray of flexible fixation device.
Woman on exercise ball with trainer.
A woman practices yoga's child pose.
A worker wears a back support belt.

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Low Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Relief

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