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Picture of Tuberous Sclerosis (Adenoma Sebaceum)

Tuberous Sclerosis (Adenoma Sebaceum)

Tuberous Sclerosis (Adenoma sebaceum). Also known as Bourneville disease, tuberous sclerosis is a hereditary condition that leads to abnormal growths on the skin and other organs. They are not cancerous, but TSC can cause issues depending on wear the tumors grow. They first appear as small red dots and then later grow into fibromas. If they develop in your lungs, it could affect your ability to breathe. The disease may also cause tuber-like growths on the brain, which calcify and harden (becoming sclerotic) with age. This may cause retardation and seizures. Symptoms usually show up soon after birth. There is no cure for TS, but its symptoms can be treated and managed.

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