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A commonly injured area of the body is the foot, more specifically, the toes (phalanxes). This often causes one or more of the toe bones to break (fracture).

Trauma or injury such as stubbing the toe (jammed toe) or dropping a heavy object on the toe may cause a broken toe. The location of the toes (in the front part of the feet) make them the most likely part of the foot to be injured.

Prolonged repetitive movements, as in certain sports activities, can cause a type of broken type of broken toe called a stress or hairline fracture.

Pain, swelling, or stiffness will occur in a broken toe following injury. It may be difficult to walk due to the pain, especially with a broken big toe. This is because the big toe bears much of the weight of the body when walking or pivoting. A broken little toe may be painful but usually does not limit the ability to walk. Other symptoms include bruising of the skin around the toe and a bent or deformed appearance of the toe if the broken bone is out of place.

Text: MedicineNet - Broken Toe