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Picture of Angiofibroma (Facial)

Picture of Angiofibroma (Facial).

Angiofibroma is a descriptive term for a group of lesions with different clinical presentations but with the same histopathology. These lesions include fibrous papule, facial angiofibroma, pearly penile papule, adenoma sebaceum, periungual fibroma, and Koenen's tumor. Generally, an angiofibroma presents as 1 to 5 mm skin-colored to erythematous dome-shape papule on the face. When it presents as multiple facial lesions, it can be associated with tuberous sclerosis or multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1).

In this photo is a patient with numerous facial angiofibromas. He is noted to have associated tuberous sclerosis.

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