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Comment from: Dalton2011, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 06

I am pretty sure I was sick for more than 2 years before diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. I had been diagnosed with anxiety, menopause and hypertension over the past 3 years. Last year I was diagnosed and things began to make sense, the dizziness (had to stop driving), pounding heart, aching feet (to the point where I couldn't walk properly after rising or sitting), headaches every day, and massive weight loss (down to 55 kg from 65) were attributed to hyperthyroidism. I was medicated for up to 12 months (carbimazole) and things started to improve. Now nearly a year later the symptoms are slowly returning. I don't think people understand how debilitating hyperthyroidism is.

Comment from: kellybee, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 08

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at the beginning of July. I was in so much joint pain. I had been visiting doctors that said it was my chest. I woke up one day and could not walk because my legs were really painful after the numb feeling. I was admitted to hospital and saw a specialist that told me about the thyroid for the first time. I was then admitted to High Care Unit for thyroid crisis for 3 days. Graves' disease is the most painful disease I am yet to experience. I am on heart medication and also high blood medication. I was on methimazole for 1 week and off the medication for 7 days. Yesterday I took the radioactive iodine pill and have not seen any changes in my body. I feel so much better now but the doctor explained that I have to do this treatment to kill the thyroid then they can replace them. I am in Johannesburg and happy to say the 2 doctors that are treating me now are the best.

Comment from: mistee, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 10

This is no fun to read, but I'm kind of glad I found this page. Two weeks ago on a Tuesday I suddenly started feeling sick, shaky, heart palpitations, breathless, mild headache, way too 'speedy' like I'd had 10 coffees, scared (of nothing I could think of), shaking all over, hot sweats, ravenously hungry, weary whenever I did anything, and brain fog. Sudden bouts of nausea never lasting too long but giving me the whole package of the above symptoms while it lasted. And that low headache wouldn't go away. Also I couldn't sleep early at night. Sometimes it is 4 am before I sleep. But when I do, oddly, I sleep really well for 8 hours straight! And wake up usually feeling ok until it all starts again. I thought it had to be a weird flu because I am always so well. I love to go for walks. I am 65 but always fit and no health issues. So I treated it like flu, even though there were no respiratory symptoms, but nothing I took for it helped. Now I am on the 15th day. I googled those symptoms and nothing fitted; until I read these comments here. From what I've been reading I think I need to book a test with the doctor pronto. Tomorrow (never go to doctors)! So I thank all you people who have shared their hyperthyroidism symptoms. You have helped me. I hope your medicines work and wish you all well.

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