How Many Stages of Multiple Myeloma Are There?

Last Editorial Review: 10/3/2017

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How many stages of multiple myeloma are there?

Doctor's response

There are four stages of multiple myeloma. While many health care professionals use different staging, these are various stages cited by many clinicians:

  • Smoldering: multiple myeloma with no symptoms
  • Stage I: early disease with little anemia, relatively small amount of M protein and no bone damage
  • Stage II: more anemia and M protein as well as bone damage
  • Stage III: still more M protein, anemia, as well as signs of kidney damage

Because staging criteria differ according to different groups, some clinicians simply define the individual's multiple myeloma without assigning a stage and simply estimate a prognosis (see below) for their patient. In 2013, an international group divided stages into three stages based on two criteria, the concentration of beta-2-microglobulin and serum albumin levels; over time this defined criteria may become widely accepted.

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