How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

Medically Reviewed on 1/25/2023
Permanent Makeup
Permanent makeup is intended to provide long-term benefits that boost self-esteem and make daily life easier.

Permanent makeup is a term used to describe cosmetic tattoos that allow you to recreate your preferred makeup looks in a semi-permanent way. It involves inserting pigmented granules underneath the upper layers of the skin with a needle.

Permanent makeup lasts about one to five years on the skin. Results vary based on the technique, device used, a pigment used, individual's body reaction, and degree of skin exfoliation.

Permanent makeup usually fades gradually, but touch-ups may be necessary. It does, however, take a very long time. It will fade completely when the micro pigmentation is not too deep and the pigment is not overly saturated.

Does permanent makeup fade?

Black or other dark colors used to pigment the skin deeply will make the color last a very long time. For instance, a black pigment used in permanent eyeliner will be noticeable for many years, and there is no guarantee that it will entirely fade over time. Usually, carbon black remains permanently on the eyelid.

Permanent makeup on the lips fades more quickly, and if any pigment traces remain, they may be unnoticeable. However, if the permanent makeup artist chooses to use dark pigment, it may remain visible for a longer period than natural colors.

A new generation of permanent lip makeup uses softer superficial tattooing techniques, including aquarelle lips (a type of lip blushing) and more natural-looking lip colors.

Who benefits from permanent makeup?

One of the main advantages of permanent makeup is that it saves you so much time in the morning. Your face will already be perfect and ready, so you won't need to worry about your makeup.

This can be the solution you've been looking for if you are sensitive to traditional makeup or have lost color in some areas of your face or scalp. Without worrying about anything, you can achieve the look you want. The outcomes will speak for themselves.

What factors affect the longevity of permanent makeup?

The following factors may influence how long your permanent makeup will last:

  • Aftercare: This is a key component in retaining the look of your permanent makeup. You must follow the aftercare guidelines given by the technician for the best results. If you don't, you risk damaging the outcomes and wasting your money.
  • Technique: The longevity of the permanent makeup depends on the procedure used by the expert and the depth at which the ink is inserted. Ask them about the method they would use. This is determined by the brow style you choose.
  • Pigments: Pigments are important; when discussing pigments, the term organic refers to an insoluble organic component with a high color concentration. Because there are small carbon particles present in organic pigments, they do not fade faster than inorganic pigments, and their retention is much longer.
  • Skin type: Oily skin typically has a more challenging time holding onto pigment than dry skin. This happens as the oil mixes with the pigment, diluting it and finally flushing it out. Therefore, machine hair strokes or microblading are not the greatest choices for oily skin. However, powder brows are ideal for all skin types.
  • Age: Older skin will normally keep pigment for a longer period than younger skin. Older skin is thinner and has a slower rate of cell turnover.
  • Lifestyle: The amount of sun exposure, the amount of exercise you engage in (more particularly, the amount of perspiration you produce), and the skin care products you use on top of your permanent makeup will all affect how long it lasts.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic treatment that uses tattoos to provide specific physical appearances. For example, you could want permanent eyeliner so that you don't need to apply it every morning.

You won't have to check the mirror every few minutes to make sure your eyeliner hasn't melted in the corner of your eye or your brows are still looking normal with permanent cosmetic treatments. Consider how often you need to check your compact.

Permanent makeup treatments are intended to provide people with long-term benefits that boost self-esteem and make daily life easier.


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5 permanent makeup procedures

  1. Permanent eyeliner: Traditional and lash line improvements are available as permanent eyeliner options. The classic procedure involves applying an eyeliner tattoo right above the lash line to look like a liquid liner. To achieve the appearance of attractive, thick, and full lashes, the lash line treatment is applied directly to the lash line rather than above it. Permanent eyeliner can last about one to three years, depending on your skin type and the procedure you choose.
  2. Lip blushing: During this treatment, a pigment layer that is a few shades darker than your natural lip color is applied to the skin, creating a nuanced color change that improves your smile. This slight color adjustment gives your lips a more defined look and makes them look significantly fuller. Lips do not absorb color as well as other areas of skin; it lasts about a year before needing to be touched up.
  3. Eyebrow tinting: One of the finest ways to give your brows a full, natural look is with eyebrow tinting. This treatment uses a semipermanent dye to fill in the natural form and arch of your brows, giving them a tidy and defined appearance. This procedure lasts four to six weeks and is an excellent way to avoid spending hours filling your brows with pencils, gel, or powder if you have thin eyebrows. 
  4. Scar camouflaging: If your scars have healed lighter than your skin tone, permanent cosmetics are a great alternative that may make scars virtually disappear. This treatment evens out your skin tone and balances it to a single consistent color. If you lack confidence owing to scars, permanent cosmetics might be a huge boost to your self-esteem. The appearance of nipples can be restored and rebuilt following breast cancer treatment or reconstructive surgery, and it can be used to cover up sun-damaged skin. Depending on your scar’s location, appearance, and skin type, this treatment provides varying results.
  5. Lash enhancement: You can achieve thicker, fuller, and darker eyelashes after receiving a lash treatment. This treatment can be quite beneficial if you have thin, fragile lashes. Semi-permanent eyelashes are glued onto your natural ones to increase volume and make them seem thicker and fuller. They last longer than false lash strips because they are made to fit your lash length. After extension treatments, these lashes can last anywhere between six and eight weeks before falling out naturally, just like natural eyelashes.

How does permanent makeup work?

Permanently applying cosmetics to the face is similar to traditional tattooing in that the pigment must be injected into the skin with a machine-operated needle. Different application techniques are used for this treatment depending on the location of the pigment and desired outcomes.

Who is a good candidate for permanent makeup?

Any healthy adult with healthy skin who wishes to enhance their natural appearance and save time on their morning makeup routine is a good candidate for permanent cosmetics. If you have sensitive skin, the technician will perform a quick allergy test to determine whether you are a good candidate for permanent cosmetics. Once you've been given the all-clear, the treatment process begins so you can start enjoying your new look right away.

What is the cost of permanent makeup?

Because it is a cosmetic procedure, it is unlikely to be covered by insurance. The cost is determined by the practitioner and the scope of the work requested. Before considering the price, put in more effort to find the best center for your procedure. If you don't find a good match, you should consider postponing or canceling.

What issues can permanent makeup address?

Numerous issues about appearance can benefit from this treatment.

As this treatment aims to improve your appearance in a natural-looking way, several problems can be resolved, including:

  • Uneven skin pigment
  • Thin lips
  • Pale lips
  • Thin lash line
  • Sparse eyebrows
  • Hair loss

However, improving your natural appearance is not the only reason to seek this treatment. Many women use this treatment to avoid the stress of continually applying makeup and evaluating how they look throughout the day. Treatments that provide pigment to the lash line, lip line, and face can be used in place of eyeliner, lipstick, and foundation, and they seem natural rather than dry or oily as traditional makeup can.

People who are allergic to traditional makeup may find permanent makeup helpful. It also provides a cosmetic solution for people with certain medical conditions, such as restoring skin pigmentation after breast surgery, repairing scars, or treating hair loss caused by certain illnesses.


A yearly touch-up is strongly advised to maintain the shape and color of permanent makeup. Good work will showcase your beauty and is a fantastic self-investment. Permanent makeup is not completely permanent, but it can last up to three years.

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Medically Reviewed on 1/25/2023
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