How Do You Lose Face Fat?

Medically Reviewed on 7/26/2022

Facial fat treatment

Facial fat treatment
While staying fit and healthy is a universal concern, face fat is something that bothers people the most.

While staying fit and healthy is a universal concern, face fat is something that bothers people the most. In the modern era of selfies and Instagram, looks have become a greater priority. People prefer to have a lean face. However, before you conclude that a chubby face is just because of fat deposition, you must know that many times, it may not be fat that makes the face look that way. What you thought is facial fat might be puffiness because of underlying medical conditions such as

This is especially suspected when the face fat is relatively out of proportion with the body fat. Face fat may also appear because of genetic causes. Some people, however, may not have excessive facial fat, but they perceive that it is there. This may be a part of body dysmorphic disorder where a person is excessively conscious about the way they appear. This can at times be harmful, making the person go too far that they harm their bodies.

Whatever might be the reason, taking a healthcare provider’s opinion before starting any dietary or exercise plans is highly recommended. You must also remember that spot reduction of body fat neither is scientifically possible nor must be desired. If you want your face to look lean, you need to reduce your overall body fat. Some people argue that merely building facial muscles may “eat up” the fat from the face. This is, however, not true. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle with more calories consumed than burnt with physical activity, the result will inevitably show up on your face as well.

6 Treatment tips

Here are six treatment tips that can help reduce your body fat, providing you with a leaner face and body:

  • Keep moving: Sitting is the new smoking. It is said that hours of sitting may harm your body the way smoking does.
    • Make sure to take small walks at regular intervals.
    • Walking is a great way to stay fit and active in the most physiological way.
    • You can take a brisk or a slow walk depending upon your health condition and stamina and slowly increase it with time.
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables: The modern lifestyle has decreased our activity level. Growing pollution has exposed our bodies to various toxins.
    • Fruits and vegetables are not only low-calorie and fiber-rich foods but also loaded with various nutrients and antioxidants that help your body get rid of toxins and build immunity.
    • Snacking on fruits and vegetables rather than cookies and chips can help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Ditch the processed foods: Processed foods such as pastries, cookies, and chips are loaded with fats and carbs.
    • They are very calorie-dense, and
    • eating them in small portions may not satisfy your hunger so you end up binging and gaining more pounds.
  • Stay hydrated: Around 70% of our body weight is water. Water is essential for various metabolic reactions in our bodies.
    • Drinking fluids such as water and other non-sugary beverages can help you feel full as well without the burden of extra calories.
  • Regular exercise: Exercise is necessary to stay fit and prevent lifestyle disorders such as obesity and diabetes.
    • Perform regular exercises as per your general health and interests.
    • This may include weight-bearing exercises about three times a week along with cardio exercises such as jogging, running, or aerobics.
    • To keep the exercise regime interesting, you can try and learn new things such as swimming, water aerobics, badminton, or other sports that may make staying fit fun.
  • Take adequate rest and sleep: While you wish to get rid of the fat fast, remember that consistency is the key.
    • Do not be excessively harsh to yourself. Your exercise should make you feel good and not be a punishment for eating more.
    • Keep stress away by taking adequate time to relax and unwind. Do not compromise on your sleep as well.
    • Good sleep is a must to make you get going with your fitness regime. 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking: Drinking can cause the face to look puffy the next day. Smoking can loosen the skin elasticity and cause the face to look drawn and sagged.


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Medically Reviewed on 7/26/2022