How Do You Know if a Guy Has HIV?

signs of HIV
Most signs of HIV are the same for both men and women

Most of the signs and symptoms of an HIV infection are the same for both men and women. However, a few symptoms are specific to men.

Symptoms specific to men

If you experience these symptoms and think you may have HIV, you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible to get tested. 

Symptoms specific to women

Symptoms of HIV that are more severe in women include:

What are general signs of HIV?

Early stage symptoms

Early signs of stage I HIV infection that are common to both men and women include:

These symptoms may occur 2-6 weeks after exposure to the virus and may gradually resolve over a few weeks. 

Later-stage symptoms

In the subsequent stages, the above symptoms may recur and become more severe. Stage III HIV may also cause the following symptoms:

What are signs that HIV has progressed to AIDS?

If you have an HIV infection, it does not necessarily mean that you have acquired AIDS yet. However, when an HIV infection progresses to AIDS, the virus severely damages your immune system. At this stage, your body struggles to fight infections. This can lead to signs such as:


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