How Couples Can Lose Weight Together

Medically Reviewed on 7/14/2021
Losing weight and sustaining weight loss is challenging. Couples can lose weight together by spending time outdoors, making love, making meal plans, working out together and dancing together.
Losing weight and sustaining weight loss is challenging. Couples can lose weight together by spending time outdoors, making love, making meal plans, working out together and dancing together.

Losing weight and sustaining weight loss is challenging. However, trying to lose weight together with your partner can make it easier. You can motivate each other, set out workout goals and have a healthy competition that can help bring you two closer.

The most common weight loss strategies that couples use are encouragement (giving praise and reassurance) and influence (pushing their partner to do better and make healthier choices). Below are a few tips for couples.

Dancing together:

  • Start attending some dance classes together.
  • This will not only help you both lose weight, but also reawaken or add more passion to your relationship.
  • Learn one of those romantic and hot dances such as waltz, salsa or tango.
  • Every dance session will burn about 100 calories.

Spend more time outdoors:

  • Too many people underestimate the true effect of simple outdoor activities.
  • A simple walk in a park with your partner may help burn calories.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities such as rock climbing or cycling.
  • Start small. Download special apps that count your number of steps and distance traveled. This will allow you to control your progress.

Make love often:

  • Research shows that couples who are involved in romantic relationships can lose extra pounds by maintaining healthy lifestyles.
  • Experts have stated that lovemaking is the best and most natural remedy for couples to lose weight. Lovemaking helps you burn fat easily with pleasure.
  • Apart from losing weight, love and romance are a part of building healthy relationships.
  • Never neglect an opportunity to compliment your partner during sex. This will motivate them to work on their body even more.

Create a couple's grocery list and meal plan:

  • Having healthy foods at home sets the foundation for healthy eating. Make sure that healthy food is available in the fridge. Set aside some time each week to prepare your weekly grocery list together.
  • Your grocery list should include produce that you both enjoy, lean proteins and whole grains.
  • When planning recipes, include ingredients you both like so that you don’t have to prepare more than one meal at a time.

Exercise and work out together:

  • Research has shown that couples who aim to lose weight together through workouts and exercises are more likely to succeed.
  • Research shows that couples were three times more successful at losing weight than people who were single.
  • Working out and exercising create bonding and intimacy between couples, which is very useful in successful relationships.
  • If you know the art of doing yoga, practice it with your partner for better results and rapid weight loss.

Every couple is different, but generally, successful couples have somebody who’s got their back when they slack, who’ll push them when they need motivation and who’ll listen to them when they feel overwhelmed by their weight loss efforts and fitness goals.

What are the benefits of losing weight together?

Simply being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re destined to gain weight or hold on to the extra weight you may have gained. In fact, committing to losing weight with your partner can help you succeed in your efforts. Below are a few common benefits of losing weight as a couple.

  • Research suggests that people enjoy exercise more when they're with their spouses or partners than when they work out alone.
  • Studies have reported that when both partners were overweight and one partner was successful at weight loss, the other’s odds of losing weight increases When people participate in a weight loss program with their partners who are successful at losing weight, they are more likely to be successful themselves.
  • Research shows that by committing to losing weight together, you can both help improve your health and be fit in several important ways (reduced risk of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease).
  • Studies have shown that working out together and being in a synchronized pattern with your partner may help improve sleep quality.
  • Research shows that couples may also have a positive influence on each other, especially related to eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising more frequently and eating less unhealthy food.
  • Studies have confirmed that couples who exercise and eat healthfully together are nearly two times as likely to be happy in their relationship compared to others.
  • If you’ve got someone to celebrate your wins with and if you’re both losing weight together, there’s even more reason to celebrate. Studies have shown that couples tend to feel more in love with their partner and more satisfied with their relationship after taking part in a physical challenge or activity as a couple.


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Medically Reviewed on 7/14/2021
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