How Can I Satisfy My Man During Pregnancy? 8 Sex Positions

Medically Reviewed on 3/17/2022
How Can I Satisfy My Man During Pregnancy
As your body changes throughout your pregnancy, you and your partner can still enjoy great sex by choosing positions that are both safe and satisfying

Pregnancy can be exhausting and uncomfortable. But as your body changes throughout your pregnancy, you and your partner can still enjoy great sex by choosing positions that are both safe and satisfying.

8 comfortable sex positions to try during pregnancy

  1. Woman on top: In this position, you straddle your partner while he is on his back. Because you have control over the depth of penetration, this position can be particularly comfortable, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.
  2. Reverse cowgirl: Reverse cowgirl gives you complete control, allowing you to quickly adjust if something feels off. You are on top but facing backward, and you can use your hands to do whatever feels right, whether it is clitoral stimulation or supporting your abdomen or breasts.
  3. Kneeling: Your partner kneels on the bed, and you sit back in their lap, resembling a reverse kneeling cowgirl. This position is ideal for pregnancy because there is no pressure on you, and your partner performs most of the movements. 
  4. Seated: You sit on the edge of your bed or in a sturdy chair, with your partner standing or kneeling in front of you (whichever is appropriate for the height of the bed or chair). This position is completely safe and can be pleasurable for both partners during pregnancy.
  5. Spooning: Spooning is an excellent sex position for a pregnant woman as it relieves pressure on your uterus and lower back. Because penetration is usually shallower in a spooning position, it can be especially useful if you find deep penetration uncomfortable during pregnancy.
  6. Doggy: If you are nervous about sex during pregnancy, this sex position is a great way to control the speed and depth of penetration without putting any pressure on your abdomen. If being on all fours puts too much strain on your shoulders, arms, and wrists, you can place your forearms on the bed or floor, palms down.
  7. Scissors: Sex can be slower and gentler in this position, which involves both partners lying on opposite ends of the bed and scissoring your legs together.
  8. Standing: Standing while leaning forward with your hands on the side of the bed, back of the couch, countertop, or dresser is another position to try during pregnancy. This relieves the pressure on your abdomen and allows you to communicate with your partner and have them stimulate your clitoris.

What are other ways to satisfy your partner during pregnancy?

When it comes to satisfying your sexual needs and that of your partner, communication is key. Talk to your partner openly and lovingly about how you can maintain physical intimacy even if sex is not an option during pregnancy. 

For example, other ways to pleasure your partner include:

  • Cuddling 
  • Kissing
  • Massaging 
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Oral sex
  • Sex toys

If something does not feel right for either of you, talk about it and try something else.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Sex is perfectly safe during pregnancy. In fact, most doctors recommend having sex with your partner during pregnancy if both parties are healthy and you have no history of pregnancy-related complications.

Your baby is protected by your uterus, cervix, and amniotic fluid, all of which cushion your baby and guard against infection. According to studies on miscarriage, there does not appear to be a link between sex and early pregnancy loss or preterm birth. If you are concerned about how safe it is to have sex during pregnancy, consult your doctor. 

If you experience heavy bleeding, painful cramps, or amniotic fluid leakage after sex, however, seek immediate medical help.


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Medically Reviewed on 3/17/2022
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