Secrets of Portion Control

Photo of fast food.
WebMD chart of top sources of calories.
WebMD chart of foods to eat less of.
WebMD chart of foods to eat more of.
Photo of veggie pizza.
WebMD diagram of whole wheat kernel.
Photo of butter melting on cake.
Photo of woman eating in kitchen.
Photo of three different portions.
Photo of fish meal on small plate.
Photo of couple sharing salad.
Photo of healthy portions on plate.
Photo of common objects.
Photo of potato and mouse.
Photo of pasta and baseball.
Photo of waffle and CD.
Photo of big bagel.
Photo of bagel and hockey puck.
Photo of cheese and dice.
Photo of chicken and card deck.
Photo of broccoli and baseball.
Photo of peanut butter and golf ball.
Photo of rice and lightbulb.
Photo of olive oil and poker chip.
Photo of tortilla chips.
Photo of ice cream scoop.

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Portion Control Tips: Lose Weight and Stick to Your Diet

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