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Please describe your experience with head lice infestation (pediculosis).

Comment from: Merach, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 23

My head was very itchy on a Monday. It had started to itch mildly prior. I came home from work and asked my family it anyone else's head itched and my daughter said her hair had been itching for 3 weeks. She told the nurse at school and was checked and cleared. Tiny white balls were found in her head and a few crawling white lines with legs, lice. I stripped the beds and put all dirty clothes in a trash bag for two weeks. We talked about it and I told her we would be doing a process of elimination and it would take the night and tomorrow. We stayed home from work and school the next day to continue and monitor. We bought Nix and treated hair, the mattresses, and pillows and slept on the leather couch that night. We woke up to find some on the surface of the couch, pretty big ones. It's been a week now, I wash bed clothes and sheets in hot water and soap every morning but my head still itches. My daughter's head is clear of lice but there are some small dry patches of skin. I haven't noticed anything on the bed. We will re-treat our heads tomorrow as directed.

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Comment from: acashen, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 26

I have 3 children and over the years I have dealt with 5 cases of lice infestation. I am currently dealing with #5. In the past I have used Selsun Blue which worked amazingly well for the hair. It kills them and prevents their return with continued use (my husband's family used it frequently when he was a child for treatment and it worked then too). I am trying something different this time just to see if it works. I washed my girls' hair and then conditioned but picked out the live ones with the conditioner still in the hair. After I got those out what I found was if I dried their hair and then sent them to bed with olive oil in their hair, I actually drown a few in olive oil during the application. My hairdresser told me that lice doesn"t like dirty hair hence the attempt with olive oil. I stripped all of their bedding and took it to the Laundromat, used the hottest water I could get and then dried them extra-long to kill the buggers. Well here's to an experiment. If this doesn"t work, it"s back to the Selsun Blue!

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Published: July 02

A lot of what I read about lice is false from my experience. My grandchildren came here with lice about 6 months ago. I have been trying to get rid of them ever since. They managed to get rid of them but, I can't. I have tried everything. They say they don't crawl on you and that is bull. I can feel them crawl up my body and eventually get into my hair. I have no nits. As soon as I feel them I brush my hair over the tub. I see one crawling in the bath tub. Yesterday I brushed one off my back and saw it crawling around. I have washed and dried everything, cleaned my carpet, vacuumed, ironed my bed and my couch, have stuff in plastic bags, wrapped my whole couch in plastic, washed my curtains, have my scatter rugs still in bags for 3 months. I unwrapped my couch and got attacked. Rid, or any of the over the counter shampoos do not work, I even had the Dr give me 2 different types of prescription medicine. I follow the directions. I have even put kerosene on my head, and Malathion to the point I had to call 911. I have sprayed my house a million times. The only thing that kills them is vinegar. So, now I have sprayed my couch with pure vinegar and carpet and myself. I have a rash from all the stuff, my head is dry. I have tried home remedies; basil oil, peroxide, alcohol, olive oil, tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, peppermint, oregano and other spices made into tea. Some work. People have checked my hair and there are no nits/eggs. Vaselined my hair, baby oil, olive oil and left it on all night. Sleep with my pillow wrapped in plastic. Change my pillow cases nightly; wash my brushes 4 times a day in boiling water and alcohol for 1/2 hr. So the theory that they die within so many days is bull. My couch was covered for months and I did not sit on it. When I unwrapped the plastic, they were still alive in there, the adults and babies. So I think someone should re evaluate their theories. I have had it. I don't even want anyone to come over. I itch at work, but no one else does. I brush the bugs off in the toilet. They have treated with their hospital stuff for lice. I am still itching. I'm lost and fed up.

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Comment from: Lpa, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 06

I'm wondering if the lice need or like the yeast that Selsun Blue kills. Still it didn't eliminate them entirely for me. And menthol or mint sent them running across my face or down my neck and biting hard. Maybe more preventive than a killer. Permethrin killed a lot but left some. Same with hydrogen peroxide, Listerine and vinegar. I think persistence and not waiting between treatments must be key to getting them all because I battled them for months and despite naysayers I had to bag up clothes for months. They lived longer away from blood than the two days I read about. The car was a big problem. I don't know what they lived off of but they survived. The rid spray worked when I threw out the budget and bought and used it with abandon. Then I started to get control of the car infestation problem. I don't think we understand the whole story about lice yet.

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