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Comment from: James, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: March 31

My case of gastroenteritis started off as norovirus (I'm pretty sure) about a week and a half ago. I began having mild stomach pains and during the night I threw up several times and over the next few days my stomach cramps became near unbearable. I had to visit the doctors twice with mixed results. I'm now on day 13 with yesterday being probably my best day so far after managing to go back to work. But I've now woken up feeling sick and have thrown up for the first time in nearly a week and the diarrhea is pretty nasty too, mixed with constipation! I feel sorry for anyone who has this illness, it's the most unwell I've felt possibly ever plus I've lost about a stone so feel a bit like a zombie!

Comment from: Scientia, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 26

I thought I had overeaten or had food poisoning at first when my stomach was upset was getting worse by the hour. Then I started vomiting, which I don't think I've done in almost a decade. Food poisoning is supposed to go away when you empty your stomach of everything, but the nausea and pain continued for several hours after. I had a couple minor instances of diarrhea, but for the most part I couldn't pass anything from that end. In addition I had the worst chills I've ever had, and was so exhausted and in pain I could barely stand, but I couldn't sleep either. What made me finally decide to go to the hospital (even though I had the gastroenteritis symptoms for less than 12 hours) was when I couldn't even hold down water. Food wasn't even an option, but all I was doing was drinking water and after 15 minutes or so I would be throwing up again; and my vomit was almost entirely water. Waiting it out didn't feel like an option seeing as I couldn't even stay hydrated. When I went to the hospital it actually took the nurses half a dozen tries to get the IV needle in my arm because my veins were so collapsed from dehydration. I was given painkillers and medication for nausea, and I was finally able to sleep for a few hours. They ran some tests and I was released after about 3 hours with prescriptions for anti-nausea medications. I went home and slept, and I'm on day 2 of this illness now.

Comment from: Female (Patient) Published: November 30

I went to an adult birthday party on Friday night. I had a little fresh guacamole with onion, cilantro and a spoonful of salsa, no alcohol, chips, cake, etc. My stomach began hurting at the party and I thought it was the strong tasting onions. I threw up every bit of the guacamole when I got home. I started getting very painful sharp stomach cramps. I had trouble keeping any liquids down. The next day I took my temperature and it was 103.3, and by Saturday night it was 103.9. For the next 5 days my temperature stayed between 103 and 103.9. I alternately shivered uncontrollably and sweated so bad may bedding and clothes were soaked. I began sleeping naked with towels under me and extra sheets so I didn't have to remake the bed. I still had to switch between 2 beds to let one dry out. I never had any diarrhea, just normal bowel movements. I got quite dizzy when I stood up, which was not often. I ate a little steel-cut oats with milk and a cup of warm milk for breakfast the 3rd day and a couple of poached eggs for dinner. That's what I had every day for about a week. My sense of smell became very sensitive. Any chemical sort of smell made me nauseous. I took Advil, about 6 each day, and Excedrin once a day for a headache. I began taking probiotics and digestive enzymes which seemed to make the cramps less intense. Throughout the illness I drank a lot of water and herbal teas (echinaceae and ginger). On day 6 my fever was 102 and day seven it was normal. My stomach continued to ache for another 2 weeks and I continued the probiotics and enzymes. I began eating meat and salads and vegetable juice (self-made). I never have stomach/gastrointestinal trouble and am amazingly regular. I only have one chronic health problem; I am hypothyroid and take Westhroid for that. I had no flu or cold symptoms. It has been 2 weeks now and I'm still exhausted. No energy at all. Not sick, but extremely tired all day. No one at the party got any kind of food poisoning so I have discounted food poisoning. I didn't go to the hospital because I just knew I'd get subjected to a bunch of radiation and then be given a bunch of drugs. Also I don't want to take a chance of getting some antibiotic resistant bug at the hospital. I think I did what I needed to do. Rest, probiotics, digestive enzymes, soaking in sea salt baths, oil pulling with coconut oil, lots of hydration with herbal teas. Very light meals. I also drank some Kombucha every day for the probiotics. I lost about 6 pounds. This is the sickest I've been in decades and I have no idea where this bug came from. I am being a lot more careful about washing my hands now as I probably got it from a door handle or shopping cart. I eat 99 percent of my meals at home because I don't like taking chances with restaurant food. I hope my energy picks up in another week.

Comment from: verysick, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: August 24

I had nausea, stomach pain, leg weakness, on day one of gastroenteritis. I decided to go to the emergency room. I was admitted, and had CAT scans, blood tests, the whole 9 yards of medical tests. I was admitted to surgical ward the surgeon came in next day and said it's probably a virus; end of discussion. I was kept another day in hospital for food to see how I was tolerating some semisolids and then sent home. I came home, feel the same as I went in; no improvement, and I still don't know what is going on!

Comment from: tfledder, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 13

I had the annual flu shot in fall 2014, but my experience with the flu started at 8 pm this past Sunday night with horrible diarrhea like never before and lasted until 5 am. Every 3 minutes I was on the pot. No fever, cramps (small gurgling only), or respiratory stuff ever! In the morning I tried some soda crackers with cream cheese and was a little better. I made it through 7 hours at work but had to make 5 very hasty trips to the bathroom so as not to mess myself. I'm still a bit weak but that's a regular thing for the last 10 years. I am not sure why. I lost 9 to 10 lb. over this stomach flu!

woman with abdominal pain
Comment from: yvrsun, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 26

I was feeling perfectly healthy after having a productive day. I went to meet my boyfriend after work and spend time at the casino. Then I became dizzy, faint, and felt 'off'. I thought it was the air quality. So we left. On the way home my tummy started making noises and we hightailed it home and made it to the bathroom just in time. Liquid stool, nausea and chills. Once I thought I'd finished I'd try and get up and have to run back. Then I began throwing up. I thought I had food poisoning but the chills were unbearable. I had a hot bath and couldn't warm up and by this point I was scared and weepy. I went to bed. About 6 hours later my boyfriend got it. We had spent the past weekend at the casino and think we probably picked up something there. We are on day 4 and still feeling ragged. Keeping down fluids has been a task, and keeping headaches at bay also a challenge because pills are difficult to keep down. But the most important thing we have found is to eat soup, toast, and drink lots of tea, water, and ginger ale. It's been helpful. Hoping to feel better soon.

Comment from: /59, Female (Patient) Published: June 02

Within minutes my gastroenteritis was so bad, no time to breathe; the diarrhea was explosive it was everywhere! I couldn"t control them after 8 hours I went to the hospital where they left me lying in my own feces. When doctor came I was white as ghost, severely dehydrated and was admitted to hospital for a week so weak I could hardly stand. I am home in bed, but can"t handle any food but can keep down fluids. This was the most embarrassing and horrible thing I have gone through; would rather have a baby.

Comment from: sharon, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 28

I had gastroenteritis. I got hospitalized for three days, and threw up everything I ate and I have a bad stomach cramps and I also had diarrhea. I"m having fever right now, I think it's still connected to this gastroenteritis. I really want to get well soon. I already lost 5 pounds on my weight.

Comment from: Lily, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 04

I had traveled to the Caribbean for a vacation. I got a really bad upper respiratory infection the third day. A friend of mine had me go to her doctor. He gave me some medication for the cough, and some antibiotics. Two days later, I coughed really hard and I, well, it just came out all over the bed. I never even had a chance to make it to the bathroom. It got progressively worse between vomiting and diarrhea; plus I still had the URI. When I coughed I either vomited or had diarrhea. I had to just keep a towel on the bed. The trip home by plane took two days, and I was horrified of being on the plane and coughing and either vomiting or pooping my pants. I had a friend go get me some adult diapers. I never thought I'd ever have to wear adult diapers at my age, but I did. They worked and I got home. I went right to urgent care and they gave me a Z-pak and a different cough med. Three days later I was still in a diaper so I went to my GI doctor. He tested me for C. diff, and said I definitely had gastroenteritis. I was in bed for two straight weeks. Not fun!

woman with abdominal pain
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