Frequent Urination

What Is the Medical Treatment for Frequent Urination?

The treatment for frequent urination depends upon underlying cause.

What Is the Follow-up for Frequent Urination?

Continued problems with frequent urination should be evaluated by your doctor and possibly a urologist. If medications are recommended, follow instructions given to you by your doctor. Report any problems or side effects from the medication to your doctor. If you are advised to do bladder retraining or modify your diet or other behavioral changes, follow all instructions from your doctor.


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How Do You Prevent Frequent Urination?

Because there are so many different causes for frequent urination, there is no one way to prevent it. Proper diet and avoiding excess fluids and foods that act as diuretics can reduce urinary frequency. Kegel exercises can keep the pelvic floor muscles well toned and may help stave off urinary frequency as one ages. Discussing any concerning symptoms with your doctor as soon as they appear may allow for early treatment or may prevent worsening of symptoms.

What Is the Prognosis for Frequent Urination?

Many of the causes of frequent urination are temporary and treatable. Treating the cause will reduce or eliminate the symptom of frequent urination.

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Medically reviewed by Michael Wolff, MD; American Board of Urology


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