Food and Recipes: All About Honey

It begins when a honeybee stops at a flower and sucks out the sweet liquid nectar.
When they are hunting for nectar, bees do store it in a special second stomach just for honey.
Most honey comes from farms where bees pollinate crops like berries, vegetables, fruit trees, and nut trees.
Humans have gathered honey for thousands of years.
The oldest known fermented drink was made with honey.
In this debate, honey may have an edge.
Honey contains pollen, and because of that, some people eat local honey for relief from hay fever and other allergies.
The use of honey to treat wounds and burns has been part of traditional medicine for centuries.
Honey has an amazing shelf life.
Royal jelly is superfood for bees.
This dark honey, made from the nectar of manuka trees in New Zealand, is a popular folk remedy for wounds, burns, and ulcers.
Your parents were on to something when they gave you honey for a cold.

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Food and Recipes: All About Honey

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