Flatfoot: Symptoms & Signs

Medically Reviewed on 12/2/2021

Flatfoot is a disorder in which most or all of the sole of the foot contacts the ground when standing or walking. The medical term for flatfoot is pes planus.

A flatfoot may not cause symptoms or signs other than the change in the shape of the foot. When symptoms do occur, these can include

Other associated symptoms can include changes in gait (how you walk) or toe drift (front part of the foot and toes point outward).

Causes of Flatfoot

Flatfoot can be present at birth due to a congenital condition or may be acquired in adulthood due to obesity, trauma, overuse injury, pregnancy, osteoporosis, or other conditions.

Other flatfoot symptoms and signs

  • Changes in Gait
  • Leg Cramps
  • Muscle Pain (Aching or Fatigue) in the Foot or Leg
  • Pain in the Arch, Ankle, Heel or Outside of the Foot
  • Pain When Walking
  • Toe Drift


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