Croup Score (Infants and Children)
Score Interpretation
Under 2 Very mild case of croup
2 - 9 Mild to moderately severe case of croup
Over 9 Severe case of croup
Inspiratory stridor (abnormal sound when breathing in)
None (0 point[s])
When agitated (1 point[s])
On/off at rest (2 point[s])
Continuous at rest (3 point[s])
Retractions (the chest or abdomen sucking in while breathing)
None (0 point[s])
Mild (1 point[s])
Moderate (2 point[s]))
Severe (3 point[s])
Air entry (air into lungs, can only be properly assessed by a doctor listening with a stethoscope)
Normal (0 point[s])
Decreased (1 point[s])
Moderately decreased (2 point[s])
Severely decreased (3 point[s])
Cyanosis (blue coloring of the skin)
None (0 point[s])
When crying (2 point[s])
At rest (3 point[s])
Alert (0 point[s])
Restless, anxious (2 point[s])
Depressed (groggy or confused) (3 point[s])


Croup is observed in children and is accompanied by a severe cough. Croup can be caused by a variety of infectious agents (mostly viruses). Suspected croup should be evaluated and treated by the child's doctor.

Pediatric Croup Score

Prendergast M, Jones JS, Hartman D. Racemic epinephrine in the treatment of laryngotracheitis: can we identify children for outpatient therapy? Am J Emerg Med. 1994;12(6):613-6.

Medically Reviewed by: David Perlstein, MD, FAAP on March 18, 2008


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