Epilepsy Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

An illustration of a seizure.
A graph showing brain waves.
A child staring vacantly.
A man having a seizure.
A man having a partial seizure.
Illustration of a brain.
Children raising their hands in class.
A patient taking an EEG test.
An image from a brain scan.
A man walking up a flight of stairs.
A rubber duck toy.
A woman taking a pill.
A ketogenic meal of beef and salad.
An illustration of VNS.
Surgeons performing surgery to treat epilepsy.
Photo of 911 call.
An IV drip.
A pregnant woman eating and taking medication.
A girl and her pet dog.
A man undergoing epilepsy testing.
A mother and child at the pharmacy.

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Epilepsy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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