Does Edging Really Work?

Edging is a practice to delay orgasm while having intercourse.
Edging is a practice to delay orgasm while having intercourse.

Edging is a practice to delay orgasm while having intercourse. Both men and women can practice edging. The edging can be performed for the following reasons:

Edging works but an individual must practice it for some time to master the art of edging. It helps an individual become acquainted with their own body and desires and can be a major turn-on for their partner as well. The idea behind edging is to bring yourself right on the edge of orgasm and then stop completely. This may not sound fun but not getting off at that moment but edging gives a stronger, better orgasm during the following climax.

Edging is the practice of bringing yourself or a partner to the brink of orgasmic inevitability and then backing off, thus building up to a subsequent more powerful orgasm. The trick, however, is learning how to do this properly. An individual can repeat this process as many times as they like, before finally allowing the big release. There are myriad techniques under the edging umbrella that appeal to a wide variety of end goals, from increasing sexual stamina, to simply having bigger, more satisfying orgasms. The ultimate goal of edging is a complete pleasure. Other benefits may include:

  • Increases sexual stamina
  • Develops sexual endurance
  • Stronger and better orgasms for better relaxation of the body
  • Helps last longer in the bed and helps partner with more satisfying encounter

How can I practice edging?

Edging may be practiced by the below methods:

  • The stop-start method‍: It involves stimulation of the genitals (or other erogenous zones) nearly to the point of orgasm and then stopping the stimulation by pinching the tip of the penis until the feeling of approaching orgasm fades. Both men and women may practice it while masturbating and during partnered sex. For edging during partnered sex, determine a word, phrase, or sign with your partner to communicate when to ease off. 
  • The squeeze method: Men can also utilize the squeeze method to prevent themselves from finishing. In this method, when nearing the point of no return (PNR), they grip the area of the penis where the head meets the shaft and squeeze the area for several seconds firmly until the feeling of going over the edge subsides without losing the full erection or arousal. Then, they begin the process again. This can be repeated.
  • The ballooning method‍: Men may incorporate this method. Find and massage a sweet spot on the penis that is particularly sensitive (often the frenulum) without stroking the whole penis. Rub only this area for long enough to get the penis erected and feel close to orgasm. Then stop and pause and allow the arousal to subside. After a break, repeat the process one or two more times. This builds the ability to last longer and intensifies the sensation during orgasm.

Does edging increase sperm count?

Not really, but if the edging is practiced with abstinence then sperm count may be increased. That means one shouldn’t ejaculate each day, regardless of edging. If there is ejaculation daily, then sperm stores will be depleted. However, when abstinence is practiced from reaching orgasm for a few days, sperm stores will end up being higher. There’s a lack of scientific evidence to suggest that edging plays any role in increasing testosterone levels in men.


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