Doctor's Pulse 2005 Archive

 Melissa Stoppler, MD offers you and your family the latest medical information on fitness, stress management, diet, headaches, migraine, medications, bunions, healthy eating tips, seasonal affective disorder, warts, and more.

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December Altitude Sickness: How to avoid it on your winter vacation
Christmas: Smart indulgences for meals.
Christmas Trees: 10 great trimming tips
Cosmetics: Is hypoallergenic really better?
Cysts: What are they, and where do they come from?
ER Visits: 12 things your doctor wants you to know before entering the Emergency Room
Frostbite: Protect yourself, family and friends by knowing how to spot frostbite and its symptoms!
Holiday Season: 4 tips to keep yours healthy and sane!
New Year's Resolutions: Tips to help make & keep your goals!
Poinsettia Plants: Are they really poisonous?
Sports Safety: How safe is your child's sport?
Stress-Free Travel: 7 tips for the holidays
November Athlete's Foot: Do you know how to prevent itchy feet?
Diarrhea in Children: Find the most common cause here... (It's a virus!).
Medication Errors: Which are the most common?
Holiday Travel: Made easy... Without stress!
Suicide in Teens: What are the warning signs?
Tamiflu for Bird Flu: Is it the right flu medicine for you?
Thanksgiving: Smart indulgences for a weight loss diet
Tryptophan in Turkey: Does it really make you sleepy, and why?
Weighing Yourself: Daily or weekly? Which is best?
October Alcohol: Drinking to de-stress may make you more stressed!
Autumn Clean-Up: 10 health tips for raking leaves
Cellulitis: Do you have the symptoms of this little-known, but common infection
Doctor's notes: How to read your medical chart
Emergency Kit: Be prepared! Know what your home emergency kit should include
Fever: Know the causes of an unexplained fever
Fires: How wild fire smoke causes health hazards
Flu: What to do once you get the flu
Hammer Toes: A deformity of the foot more serious than expected
Heart Attack: Am I having a heart attack? The dangerous symptoms revealed
Heart Burn: Tips to reduce nighttime heartburn
Injuries: Treatment for exercise and sports injuries
Libido: No sex drive? It could be your thyroid
Pain: Kill pain and stress the natural way!
Panic Attack: How-to-tell symptoms
Prescription drugs: Online - too risky
Stress: Can stress make you fat
Stroke: Would you recognize a stroke? The perilous symptoms unveiled
September Aneurysms: Severe headache, nausea, vomiting... Do you have the symptoms?
Cold and Flu: 10 tips to prevent a cold
Depression: The shocking symptoms of true depression
Diet: 5 diet traps to avoid
Health Threats: Audio podcast from Dr. William Shiel, chief medical editor.
Hurricane Katrina: How you can help the victims
Katrina Hurricane: Damage brings major health issues
Katrina Update: New Orleans flood waters contaminated with E. coli
Menopause: Sexual, physical & emotional symptoms
New Orleans Interview: Mold and mildew causing more destruction
Parasites: Are they swimming in your pool or local water park?
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Katrina survivors & responders at risk
Rash: Painful, itchy, burning or tingling? You may have an outbreak of shingles
Sleep: How to get a good night's sleep... Without counting sheep!
Stress: A doctor's answers to juggling daily responsibilities... Plus work, kids, etcetra
Weight Gain: Your stressful lifestyle may be adding on pounds
August Antibiotics 101: Is it just a virus, or should you be taking antibiotics? Important antibiotic questions answered here!
Back to School: How to protect your family from germs
Bird flu: What is it, and should you be concerned?
Healthy Lunch-Bag Lunches: 15 healthy foods for your child's lunch box
Hormone therapy: What are doctors prescribing?
Hot Flashes: Can anxiety make them worse?
Hypothyroidism: Tired, constipated, and depressed.
Infertility Questions: What should you be asking your doctor?
Kidney Stones: Symptoms, causes, and treatment.
Lung Cancer: How to spot the signs and symptoms.
Non-Smokers: You could still get Lung Cancer... Find out how.
Pediatricians: How to choose best for your children.
Recognizing a Stroke: Three commands for the victim.
Sesame Seed Allergy: A growing problem in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Sleep: Shut your mind off to sleep like a baby
Steroid Abuse: What are the health hazards
Summer's High Temperatures: 15 ways to keep cool when it's hot outside
Tornado Disaster: Danger in the aftermath of major storms
Tourette Syndrome: Touching nose, blinking eyes and clearing throat... Not-so-well-known Tourette symptoms found here.
July Bladder cancer: Know the signs & symptoms
Caffeine: Can you "quit" or are you addicted?
Children's Diets: 15 healthy foods for your child's lunch box.
Computer Typing: Could be a hazard to your health. (Medical PodCast)
Doctor's Appointments: Learn to communicate with your doctor and get the most from your visit with these helpful instructions. (Medical PodCast).
First Aid: Know how to save a life!
Fitness vs. Climate: How the weather affects your workout.
Headaches: 10 questions to ask your doctor.
 Hormone therapy:
Estrogen therapy,  menopausal hormone therapy... Is there a difference?
Hurricanes: How to prepare.
Lightning Strikes: How to stay safe in a storm.
Poison Emergency: How to handle poisoning.
Positive Thinking: How to change negative thoughts & habits into healthy thoughts & actions!
SIDS: Risk factors and prevention.
Sleep: 10 tips for a good night's rest!
Stroke: Know the warning signs to be prepared.
Swimming after Eating: Do you really have to wait a half an hour to swim after you eat? Fact or Fiction?
Teen "Huffing": Is your teenager abusing Dust-Off or other household products?
Tennis Elbow: You don't have to be a tennis player to have this condition!
Testicular Cancer: signs and symptoms.
June Avoid Insomnia: Ten tips to get a good night's sleep.
Childhood Development: Screening tests are critical for every child.
Choosing a Doctor: Using your own needs and priorities to pick the right physician.
Chronic Bladder Condition: Signs and symptoms of
interstitial cystitis.
Dealing with Infertility: Ten questions to ask your doctor.
First Aid: Fast Facts!
Fluid Loss during Exercise: Get enough electrolytes to avoid hyponatremia.
Healthy Kids: Pediatrics urge physical activity.
Lung Cancer Breakthrough: New and effective chemo treatment.
Mental Health Care: How do you choose a provider or therapist?
Muscle Cramps: Causes and treatment to relieve the pains.
Nighttime Heartburn: Tips to reduce your nighttime GERD (audio podcast).
Prescription Drug Abuse: An alarming trend.
Rash? White Patches of Skin: Could be vitiligo.
Sprained Ankle: How to treat it for quicker recovery.
Swimming Pool Safety: In less than 5 minutes, a child can drown. Find out how to keep your kids safe.
Stressed?: 3 minutes to stress relief!
Stroke or TIA: How to know if you're having a "mini-stroke"?
Tanning Beds: More dangerous than a day at the beach?
Trouble Sleeping: You may have insomnia.
Warts: How to prevent and treat them.
May 1 in 5 Americans will Develop Skin Cancer: Skin changes in the sun... How to spot skin cancer.
Are You Living a "Healthy Lifestyle"?: Find out how you stack up to the rest of America.
Bacterial Vaginosis: About half of women with bacterial vaginosis have no symptoms.
Binge Eating: The most common of all eating disorders.
Debunking Summer Health Myths: Do you really need to wait a 1/2 hour to go swimming after eating?
Deep muscle relaxation techniques: Control stress, anxiety, and help chronic pain.
Exercise and Breast Cancer Survival: Just one hour a week could save your life.
Getting the Most from Your Doctor's Appointment: Don't let communication lack when you're in the doctor's office.
Hot Flashes: Can stress and anxiety make them worse?
Hypothyroidism Symptoms: Feeling "run down"? Tired, but can't sleep? Decreased sex drive? Find out if you have hypothyroidism.
Online Pharmacies: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Are the risks worth it?
Ovarian Cancer and Exercise: Could hitting the gym lower your risk of ovarian cancer? Surveys show answers.
Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors: Know your risks and 'silent' symptoms of the 5th leading cause of cancer deaths.
Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before a Biopsy: Going to the Doctor? Print these out and take them with you.
Soda, Sleeping Pills and Heartburn: Both carbonated soft drinks and commonly-used prescription sleeping pills can lead to nighttime heartburn, and even GERD.
Stroke Warning Signs: Know how to see a stroke coming.
Summer Beach Survival Kit: 'Must-haves' for your sandy summer days.
Tetanus Shot: Find out if you need a tetanus shot.
West Nile Virus Infection: When mosquito bites turn deadly.
Work Full-Time?: Web surfing and TV may be a hazard to your health.
April AED (automated external defibrillator): Learn how to use an automated external defibrillator along with CPR.
Allergy to Stinging Insects: Even fire ants and bees can be life-threatening with this allergy.
Birth Control Contraceptive Patch: Forget to take the daily pill? This may be the alternative for you.
Cat Scratch Disease: Is your pet dangerous to you?
Cerebral Palsy: About half a million people in the US have some form of cerebral palsy.
E. Coli: E. coli can cause diarrhea or genital/urinary tract infections.
Foot Pain: What's causing your foot pain? It could be Plantar Fasciitis.
Health Fraud and Health Quacks: Watch out for health quacks who sell useless or even harmful unproven remedies.
Hemorrhagic: Read about deadly outbreaks of Bleeding Fever and where it originated.
Home Pregnancy Test Accuracy: Pregnant or not? How to know.
Kidney Stone Formation: One in every 20 people develop a kidney stone at some point in their life. Learn more about the common kidney stone.
Lead Poisoning - The Lead Story: Protect yourself or your children from permanent brain damage.
OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A very common anxiety disorder affecting 1 in 50 people.
SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder: Light up the blues!
Stress: Traffic, relationships, work, and kids... 3 Minutes to Stress Relief!
Tips for Healthy Eating: Stay savvy about fast food, salads and portion sizes.
Treatment of Bunions: Find out what causes bunions and how to treat bunion pain.
Warts: These viral infections may be more serious (and contagious) than you think
March A New Type of Hysterectomy: Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy (SCH) may be the better hysterectomy for you
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Prevent this highly poisonous gas from occurring in your home
Community Associated MRSA Infection: Staph infections are serious; learn how to recognize if you have one
Eat the Right Type of Carbs: It's the type of carbs, not the amount, that matter in your diet
Fathoming Fifth Disease: What is fifth disease, and is it contagious?
Generic Drugs vs. Brand Name: Are generic drugs as good as brand name? Find out!
Heart Disease Risk and C-Reactive Protein (CRP): Elevated levels of CRP could mean a higher risk of heart attack... Find out how to know if you're at risk
Juice Drinks for Toddler's: Don't let obesity creep into your child through the sugary juice you buy
Making Sense of Sunscreen Products: Don't be confused anymore when it comes to choosing a sunscreen.
New Treatment for MS Suspended: The new drug Tysabri (natalizumab) used in multiple sclerosis therapy reportedly has serious adverse effects
Prevent Traveller's Diarrhea: Traveler's diarrhea strikes up to half of all international travelers... Learn how to travel safe
Restless Leg Syndrome: If you have uncomfortable sensations in your legs at night, you may have restless leg syndrome
Safe Cycling Tips: Find out how you can be 14 times less likely to die in a bicycle accident
Stress and Painful Periods: Painful menstrual periods affect 40 to 90% of women of reproductive age, see how this is related to stress
Swimmer's Ear Facts: Are your ears red, swollen, or painful after water sports?
10 Minutes a Day for Stress Control: Relieve stress, decrease anxiety, and achieve relaxation
10 Tips to Find the Right Fitness Class: Yoga, Pilates, spinning, kick-boxing, step classes... Find the right one for you
What is a Clinical Trial: Research study? Human participants? Here are all different types of clinical trials
February Beta Blockers: Did you know that beta blockers treat social anxiety, migraine headaches, chest pain and more?
Caffeine Addiction: If you need more caffeine than what's in your morning cup, you may have a caffeine addiction
Chondromalacia: How to handle chronic knee pain
Conjunctivitis: Facts about pink eye and how it spreads
Controlling Road Rage: Do you have angry, hostile reactions to other drivers on the road? Learn how to temper your temper.
Diet and Disability: Learn how dairy products, fruits, and vegetables may help you avoid disability
First Aid and Nosebleeds: Nosebleeds are usually nothing to panic about... Here we tell you how to treat them at home
Fitting Exercise into Your Schedule: 13 ways of staying fit when there's no time to exercise
Folate: Folic acid does a lot for a woman's health... But does it prevent birth defects and lower risk of high blood pressure too
Food Allergies: What is the difference between food allergies and food intolerance
Glaucoma Screening: What's important about glaucoma screenings?
MS: New treatment possibility for multiple sclerosis has been suspended
PMDD- A Severe Form of PMS: If you thought PMS symptoms were bad, learn about PMDD
OTC Meds:  Unsure about the hundreds of cold and flu preparations on the drugstore shelves? You're not alone
Ulcers: Over 25 million Americans will have a peptic ulcer at some point in their lifetime, but why
Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea: Do you stop breathing while sleeping? You may be surprised to find out.
January Bone Density Test: If the strength of your bones is questionable, a bone density test may help avoid fractures and osteoporosis
Eczema: Could your dry hands be a sign of eczema?
Genes and Cancer: Is a blood test worth taking to find out if you have this dangerous gene?
Migraine: How can you tell if your throbbing headache is really a migraine?
Radon: You can't see, taste, or smell radon gas, but it may pose a cancer risk in your home
Secondhand Smoke: When it comes to your child's health and IQ, just how damaging is your secondhand smoke?
Sore Throat / Strep: Are you wondering if your sore throat requires antibiotics? Know the difference between Step and the common sore throat
Tonsillectomy: Removing your child's tonsils may be a popular treatment for recurrent sore throats and respiratory infections, but is it necessary?

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